Safety cautions of hair trimmer
As a hair clipper / trimmer manufacturer we advise you not to choose the rechargeable battery cordless used hair trimer , because it has a risk of break of the battery, and its not convenient to use. The rechargeable infant hair trimmer is a good cho... Detail
Brief introduction of hair straightener
Hair straightener is also called electric clamp,by heating the heater MCH or PTC of hair straightener through current,and then transmitting to heat the aluminum board or ceramic board .... Detail
How to choose a high quality hair straightener
Many girls would like to make a beautiful hair style at home, its more convenience and saving-cost, so you may want to buy some hair style tools, like hair straightener, hair curler. But there are tens of thousands of hair beauty tools in the market, do y... Detail
How to maintain hair trimmers?
1. Maintenance of the trimmer head: the child hairs trimmer for family are usually waterproof,the trimmer heads need to remove after babies have hair cut, and clear theHair along the blade direction with brush......... Detail
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