Safety cautions of hair trimmer

As a hair clipper / hair trimmer manufacturer we advise you not to choose the rechargeable battery cordless used hair trimmer, because it  has risk of  battery break, and it's not convenient to use.  Rechargeable infant and baby hair trimmer is a good choice since it has no battery problem and use comfortable.
1. It’s necessary to check the blade before using, it would hurt the skin if  the blade is damaged.
2. If the hair trimmer gets hot after last using long time,  then you can  turn it off  for 5 to 10 minutes to  prevent the temperature rising too high and causing baby uncomfortable.
3. Make sure your hair is dry, wet hair may casue security problem if the clipper is bad quality, like circuit malfunction.
4. Don’t use too much force when trimming hair in the position of temples and ears,nor close to the skin.
5. The infant hair trimmer is specially designed for babies,  don’t use it for pets.
6. Clean the hair trimmer with dry clean towel after it trun off.
7. Place the hair trimmer in where the baby and children can not touch.

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