Negative ion hair straightener

A .sundi Shangdi hairdressing tool hair straightener product introduction
1. PTC heating element.
2.NO/OFF power switch
3. The temperature can be adjusted to 100-230 °C, automatic constant temperature function, heated to *** temperature 230 degrees, the time is about 2 minutes and 40 seconds.
4. When the red LED is on, it means the power is on.
5. The joint splint adopts floating design
6.100% ceramic.
7. The power cord can be rotated 360o
8. Rated voltage: 110-230V 50/60Hz
9. Stable power: 95W
10. Plastic material: PET + fiber (high temperature composite material)
2. Sundi Shangdi hairdressing tool hair straightener product use method description
1. Power: Plug the power cord into the socket 110-230Vac 50/60Hz.
2. Power-on: The switch is pushed from the OFF position to the NO position, and the power indicator is steady red.
3. Temperature rise: After the power is turned on, the hair straightener starts to warm up. The temperature of the product *** is 230 °C. When using, adjust the temperature knob to the desired gear position, and the hair straightener adds the temperature to the set. After the temperature value, it automatically switches to the constant temperature function. Shutdown: When the switch is pushed to the OFF position, the LED is off and the hair straightener is turned off to stop working.

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