Negative ion hair straightener (Sundi)

                                                                             Negative ion hair straightener (Sundi)

A .sundi Shangdi hairdressing tool hair straightener product introduction
1. PTC heating element.
2.NO/OFF power switch
3. The temperature can be adjusted to 100-230 °C, automatic constant temperature function, heated to *** temperature 230 degrees, the time is about 2 minutes and 40 seconds.
4. When the red LED is on, it means the power is on.
5. The joint splint adopts floating design
6.100% ceramic.
7. The power cord can be rotated 360o
8. Rated voltage: 110-230V 50/60Hz
9. Stable power: 95W
10. Plastic material: PET + fiber (high temperature composite material)
2. Sundi Shangdi hairdressing tool hair straightener product use method description
1. Power: Plug the power cord into the socket 110-230Vac 50/60Hz.
2. Power-on: The switch is pushed from the OFF position to the NO position, and the power indicator is steady red.
3. Temperature rise: After the power is turned on, the hair straightener starts to warm up. The temperature of the product *** is 230 °C. When using, adjust the temperature knob to the desired gear position, and the hair straightener adds the temperature to the set. After the temperature value, it automatically switches to the constant temperature function. Shutdown: When the switch is pushed to the OFF position, the LED is off and the hair straightener is turned off to stop working.

three. Sundi Shangdi hairdressing tool hair straightener product product instructions
1. Use this type of product, be sure to hold the handle in the correct way, do not touch the ceramic plate by hand to avoid ***.
2. Use this product correctly: first place a small amount of dry hair that needs to be straightened between the two aluminum plate heating plates, close the product handle, and slowly and gently move the product to the tip. Release the handle after the hair has completely slipped off the hot plate. Repeat the above steps until the hair is completely straightened. For better hair styling, it is recommended to apply a styling conditioner to dry hair before pulling the hair. Note: When closing the handle, it should not be too strong, so as not to pull the broken hair during the straightening process; the straightening hair should not be too much (recommended to straighten the number: the hair width is not more than 1/3 heating plate, the thickness is about 5mm) ) so as not to be completely incomplete during hair straightening.
3. After use, push the switch to the OFF position and pull out the plug. The product is completely cooled and then stored. Always pull out the plug after each use.

Four. Sundi Shangdi hairdressing tool hair straightener product product care and cleaning instructions
1. If the product is dirty, clean it with a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent.
2. Do not use corrosive chemical agents to clean the product.

Fives. Sundi Shangdi hairdressing tool hair straightener product safety precautions
1. Do not use this product near water, including bathrooms, basins and other containers.
2. Do not place this product in a damp place or in a damp place.
3. Do not use this product with wet hands or drop water into the product to avoid short-circuiting the hair straightener or damage the product.
4. Check the plug and wire before use. If there is any damage, it is forbidden to use! Forced use may cause electric shock and electrical short circuit, or fire and other accidents!
5. Do not touch the aluminum plate with your hair straightener when working, to prevent ***! The hair straightener should be removed from the power outlet when not in use.
6. It is not allowed to wipe the product with *** substances and hit hard, and repair and repair the product by yourself.
7. Do not use this product outdoors or where the humidifier is in use.
8. Do not pull out the plug by pulling the power cord. Hold the product plug and pull it out of the socket.
9. Do not let children approach or use this product
10. Do not use this product where ***, *** substances are stored.
11. Do not put the power cord and other plastic products near the heating surface of the hair straightener.
12. When storing this product, make sure the product is completely cooled

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