I am a small salesman

Today, our company arranged for us to write an article, "I am a small salesman." What is the promotion? I am selling our company's hot-selling razor today, endorsing Sandi and endorsing the brand!
The razor is brown in color and square in shape. There is a switch button in the center and the razor can be activated by pressing the switch button.
Everyone may ask, how is the effect? Cleaning is simple. Of course, the beard will be neatly shaved by the blade through the knife net to achieve the most ideal shaving effect.
Cleaning is also simple! This product also comes with a brush, specially designed to deal with stubborn beards. First press the release button, remove the razor net, then remove the holder, then use the cleaning brush to brush the knife net and the blade and hair compartment. Finally, reinstall the parts.
This razor is very powerful, specifically to solve your beard problem, how? Heartbeat? It’s not as good as action, it’s very bad, come buy one!

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