What I want is the only and only thing in the world

                                                                                                                             What I want is the only and only thing in the world

This winter is especially warm because you have the only me and I have the only Kouord
You are making progress every day, including us. We pay more attention to innovation, solve customers' needs, and bring realism and security to more customers. Next, I want to introduce a hair dryer to you, it is really amazing, so I will explain the uniqueness of it one by one for you:
*Not only  function, life needs beauty more Creative design with soul + leading functional requirements,to make us more refined and different!
Nautilus is different when it is designed
*The story is long, like our friendship. Design origin and story, please consult me
*The Japanese jade powder honeycomb ceramic piece is added to the air outlet, and the far infrared ray is released by heating. Stimulate the growth of the show by cell resonance, greatly improve hair problems, activate water molecules and biomolecules, repair hair scales, avoid moisture loss, dry hair, and make hair more beautiful.
*Product information
Name:Far infrared negative ion hair dryer
Material:Taiwan made anti-scald ABS material
Component:Far infrared honeycomb ceramic chip Negative ion generator Custom DC motor
Use: The hair dryer is mainly used for drying and shaping hair, but it can also be used for local drying, heating and physiotherapy in laboratories, physiotherapy rooms, industrial production, and art. Dry hair at a constant temperature to effectively repair damaged hair
Detail: Voltage:220V AC 50HZ Power: 1000W
Features and benefits:
 A. Equilibrium heat Effective avoidance of discomfort caused by excessive local temperature and damage to hair;
 B. Far-infrared low-radiation has certain physiotherapy effects on patients such as rheumatism, and low-radiation is more suitable for the use of sensitive people such as pregnant women and children;
C, negative ion function has hair care, moisturizing, anti-split and other effects;
D. Removable air inlet net Effectively filter dust and broken hair and other impurities in the air, and clean and clean the filter at any time to ensure smooth and clean air intake;
F. Switching between hot and cold air and two-speed temperature control and speed control can select more suitable temperature and wind speed according to their own and external environment, which is flexible, convenient and comfortable.
*If you want to know more about hair dryer, please contact me, I will wait for you all the time
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