The most beautiful hair dryer

The designer of the Nautilus series hair dryer is a big fan of watch designer Gérald Genta.The design of the Nautilus hair dryer is inspired by the Patek Philippe Nautilus watch.
As the famous saying " the world's most expensive watch is made of steel" ,  the design
of the " Nautilus"  series of hair dryers perfectly inherits the design concept of the Patek Philippe " Nautilus"  series,  with strong personal qualities,  aesthetic style and The mark of the times
The design of the air duct has undergone eleven revisions,  and the design scheme of the nautilus is finally determined. It originates from the regular and beautiful thread of the nautilus in the deep sea,  and is integrated with the air inlet net,  the overall appearance. The styling uses a bolder,
more conceptual design.

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