Is a mini anion straight hair comb easy to use? how to use?

In today's era where everyone loves beauty, basically every girl must have skin care products, cosmetics, hair straighteners, straight hair combs, straight hair clips, curlers, hair dryers, etc. These are commonly called daily essentials.
So let's talk about the mini straight hair comb today.

Mini straight hair comb, as the name suggests, the mini is small and easy to carry. The little fairies now love beauty, but they don't like to go out with too heavy things. It can be as simple as possible. Even at home, such as hair dryers, hair straighteners, and curlers, they only want to use small and cute gadgets that are not too tired and cumbersome during use. Well, mini straight hair comb
Now comes in handy, a good mini straight hair comb doesn't just look good! But also easy to use and convenient!
Do you have daily hair problems? I often hot dye but I am too lazy to take care of it. My hair is knotted, damaged split ends, hair loss, hair loss, static electricity, dry hair ... Is the mini straight hair comb easy to use? Which one is easy to use?
Sundi Electric Mini Hair Straightener 
It is only 35W, which is also very small, but it is particularly comfortable to use. With the PTC heating element, all the comb teeth are individually active massage heads. When combing the hair, it feels like massaging, and the thief is comfortable. Not only that, it is a flat tooth comb that does not harm the scalp.
The heating time is fast, you don't need to wait for it to fall asleep. The temperature can reach 200 ° C. A baby asked, 200 ℃, will it be easy to burn? What should I do if I burn my face? You can rest assured that this mini straight hair comb has anti-scalding comb teeth. When used, it will not burn your face or your hands, and it can be used by novices.
In addition, it also adds negative ion technology, which locks the hair's moisture when contacting the hair to ensure that the hair is not dehydrated, and the negative ions will combine with the air to become water molecules, further moisturizing and protecting healthy hair.

What are negative ions?
The hair itself has a charge on its surface, and the hair comb has a negative ion coating. When heated, the frizzy hair will be restored to a proper and natural shine, and the hair will be healthy.
Let beauty start from scratch! ~ This mini straight hair comb that understands massage and breathes. you deserve to have!

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