How to use curling ?

I believe that the electric roll stick is an essential hairdressing tool for many girls in today's society. Have you ever been burned by the electric roll stick during use? Today, introduced a non-hot USB curling artifact, an anion curling comb, which can also create a good-looking shape and avoid the trouble of scalding your hands. Follow me to find out.

I believe that many girls want to have Hanxing's hair style with fluffy arcs, but it is always because the electric roll is difficult to get started, the right-angle arc that fails to roll out, or they are accidentally burnt and then give up. Professional hairdressers in hair salons say that Combing is actually a very good recommendation. You can easily make Korean-style radians and fluffy curls. The point is that you wo n’t be scalded. Even the handicapped party do n’t have to worry about it. You can get started quickly. Let ’s take a look Get up and see.



How to use electric comb

The hair is rolled into the comb by combing the hair. The unique design allows you not to worry about hot hands during use. After standing for 5 seconds, you can loosen the comb and easily complete the fluffy curls. Comb your hair to make it smooth and frizz-free.

Tips when curling

Fluffiness of head after manufacturing: Use a hair curler to curl the hair to the scalp, and leave it against the scalp for 5 seconds to create a fluffy feeling

How to avoid curling your hair into a rigid angle? Many people will curl their hair out at some weird angles. When you are using it, be careful not to pull the hair too tight, and let the hair appear naturally arcuate. Push it forward, and you can avoid curling it at right angles. The situation happened.


How to make cute air bangs?
Air bangs are a must for aging. Roll up the bangs with an electric coil comb and let them stand for about 5-10 seconds, then you can have Korean air bangs.
The electric roll stick is more suitable for the skilled party, it can change different curly arcs, create a variety of shapes,
If the electric comb is used, the hand-disabled party can easily use it, and it can be quickly formed. It is also suitable for office workers who are in a hurry to work. Situation, it is recommended that those who are just getting started and like convenient and fast can choose. Mom no longer has to worry about burns when I use a curling iron.

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