How to choose the power of hair dryer

The power of household hair dryers is generally not too large. Hair dryers have become one of the hairdressing tools used by girls.
There is an essential hair dryer in the family, but the dry wind blown by the hair dryer will cause hair moisture to be lost for a long time.
How much power do our hair dryers have in general? What is the best power of a hair dryer? We will introduce it to you below.

According to different methods, hair dryers are classified into different types. The following are the types of hair dryers.
1. According to the shell material, there are metal type hair dryers and plastic type hair dryers.
The metal type hair dryer is sturdy and durable, and can withstand high temperature. Plastic hair dryers have good insulation performance,
light weight, and easy to use. The disadvantages are easy aging and high temperature resistance.
2. According to the air supply method, there are centrifugal hair dryers and axial flow hair dryers.
The centrifugal blower is mainly driven by the motor to rotate the blades, so that the air entering the blower can obtain inertia centrifugal
force and continuously exhaust air. The disadvantage of this centrifugal blower is that not all the exhausted wind passes through the motor,
and the motor heats up higher; the advantage is that the noise is lower. The axial-flow motor drives the blades to rotate, pushing the air entering
the blower to flow axially, and continuously exhausting air. Advantages: all the exhausted wind flows through the motor, the motor has good cooling
conditions, and the insulation is not easy to age; disadvantages: high noise.
3. According to the use method, there are handheld and stand type.
A stand-type hair dryer is more suitable for personal use. Generally, a stand-type hair dryer can be bought at home.

Power of hair dryer
The power of a hair dryer is directly reflected in the price and the speed of dry hair. A high-powered hair dryer has a fast dry hair price, but the radiation is also large, because the power of a hair dryer is mainly related to the heating wire of the hair dryer. The thicker it is, the more thermal energy it generates, so the more radiation it emits. For general household hair dryers, the power of 1600W is enough. Common hair dryer powers are: 850W, 1000W, 1200W, 1600W, 1800W, 2000W and 2200W.
The greater the power of the hair dryer, the better, of course not. At this time, we must consider the radiation of the hair dryer. At the same time, the hair dryers of different wattages and powers are not based on the volume. Although the power of the hair dryer is relatively large, the hair dries quickly. But the harm will increase. Just buy a medium-powered hair dryer. The power of the hair dryer is proportional to the thickness of the heating wire, and of course it is also proportional to the size of the radiation. Generally common hair dryer power is: 850 watts, 1000 watts, 1200 watts. Common household power: 800W-1600W; if it is a professional hair dryer, the common power is 1600W-2200W.

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