Dongguan Sundi Electric Technology company is a professional hairdressing and beauty tools manufacturer and supplier in China.

We have professional designing, development, manufacturing, and producing capacity. We provide high quality hairdressing tools to our customers,make solutions for customers, provide personalized OEM/ODM service, and create their own brand hairdressing tools for each consumer. Service content as below:
  1. Samples from customers, proofing, confirm by the customers, order and production.
  2. Our designers make design as customers require, after confirming, hit the version, order, production.
  3. Customers choose our existing design samples, order, production.


Proofing explain
  1. We are very pleased to make sample for our customers. The sample fees would be deducted from the balance of the order.
  2. The sample delivery is usually 3-5 days when we receive the sample fees. Big quantity and complex process would need more days..
Customization process
 1.Requirement communication
   1. The customers put forward requirements (including providing the sample version).
    2. We process the preliminary communication with our customers that the product material, art method , price, delivery time and so on.
2. Proofing/confirm sample
  1. Customers entrust us to make custom-made proofing
  2. Both sides confirm the sample (signed/sealed sample version).
    3. Sign contract/ pay for the deposit
       1. Both sides sign a contract.
       2. Customer pay for the deposit.
4. Enter to the product/process management
       1. We finished to purchase the material, make mould and so on, first of all to produce bulk samples and compare with the customers signed sample version (sometimes need to confirm by the customers).
       2. Our QC would keep supervising and inspecting during the production; customers can also supervise and inspect.
       3. Both sides maintain communication ,timely reflect and needs both sides consult to solve all affairs in orders.
5. Customer QC inspect goods
        1. Before the package, we would notify customer to inspect the goods two or three days in advance.
        2. Inspect goods according to sample, adopt random sample inspection method.

6. Payment/delivery goods
         1. Pay the balance after customers inspecting the goods.
         2. We assist customers to deal with freight procedures including customs declaration, shipping, etc. customers can also send a car to pick up the goods.

 7. Good after-sales service
     All products warranty 2 years after customer received the goods. Defective iron can return back freely. 


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